Advocacy at Light Heart

Light Heart not only designs direct visitation services to our Elders but also believes in the importance of education and advocacy on a community level so that the roots of unnatural age segregation are addressed. We participate in state-wide and national organizations that assist in developing and promoting strategies and practices in language, philosophy, and policies that ensure a more sustainable future where all ages are playing, working and learning together.

Social Issues we address:

• Asset Based Community Development and Assessment
• Rural community empowerment
• Expansion of material and social resources for seniors
• Age integration in policies, practices and language
• Collaborative non-profit partnership
• Person Centered Care in senior residential facilities
• Activities Director education and budgetary support
• Positive media portrayals of all generations

Light Heart would like to acknowledge the following whose pioneering work and extensive research in intergenerational strategies and community development has greatly contributed to the contents of this section:

• Generations United
• Center for Intergenerational Learning, Temple University
• Asset-Based Community Development Institute, Northwestern University
• Agricultural College Extension Intergenerational Programs, Penn State